Zillios MVP/POC Environment

Environment to develop real-estate blockchain technologies.

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Here the examples of blockchain registered houses can be found


Here you can explore the blockchain used to make this possible.


Here an explanation of the functionalities of this site can be found.

The ZLST token.

This MVP/POC enviroment is used as concept environment to develop and show the technologies  used for enabling the Zillios (ZLST) token.  

data analytics

The information that is collected will be used to fill a database for further analytics. We strongly believe in the future of AI algorithms analyzing this so we can build and develop better products in the future 


S‌mart contracts are the backbone of the technology developed by Zillios Ltd. for Zillios.com. How smart can they be and how can they be smarter?

Online real-estate

O‌nline real estate is registered into the blockchain ledger to create a tamper proof audit trail  containing all information only editable by owners.

Selection of real-estate

This MVP/POC Environment uses real objects from Zillios.com as an example.

Advanced functionalities

We strive to create new technologies with blockchain technology as central point.

This development is made possible by:


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